Recommendation: Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Course

By Anshey Bhatia • June 11, 2015

Over the last decade or two, information has been made much more accessible to consumers, causing a big shift from traditional marketing to inbound marketing. With the rise of the millennial generation, inbound techniques are making waves, while old-school selling dies out.


Traditional marketing was very marketer-centric, whereas inbound is all about the consumer. Many companies have evolved to utilize effective inbound strategies, yet there are many that are still clinging to the traditional methods, and nothing else. For the majority of those unwilling to adapt to the new market, they’ll soon find that they need to update their marketing strategy to avoid falling behind the competition.


Thanks to Hubspot, I recently took a free online class specifically focused on inbound marketing techniques. The course’s 12 sections covered everything from SEO and blogging, to Smarketing and delighting your consumers. I highly recommend this online course to anyone looking to improve their business through immediate inbound marketing action.


Head to Hubspot to learn more about their Inbound Marketing Certification Course- I highly recommend it!


Anshey Bhatia

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