Just Launched: The Great American Water Ballon Fight Website

By Verbal Plus Visual • May 23, 2013

Last year was the first ever Great American Water Balloon Fight hosted by Team Tassy. This event was started as a fun way to give to an amazing organization. verbal+visual was tasked with designing and developing an event site for the inaugural water balloon fight last year, and we were very excited when Team Tassy asked us to come onboard to revamp the website for this year’s event. Due to the success of last year’s fight we decide to build a more long-term solution that would allow Team Tassy to easily make content and style updates in the future.

Webdesign and development

Using the event’s poster as inspiration, verbal+visual came up with a colorful and engaging site for this exciting event. Using custom graphics, and a one-page layout, this site really embodies the spirit of The Great American Water Balloon Fight.

web design and development


Be sure to check out the site and if you are in the Pittsburgh area July 13th be sure to partake in what is sure to be a wet and wild day! All proceeds go to Team Tassy with the mission to eliminate global poverty.


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