Just Launched: HFP Capital Markets

By Verbal Plus Visual • October 18, 2013

Yesterday we launched the new website for HFP Capital Markets, a project where verbal+visual did the full strategy, site design and development. HFP is a full-service boutique investment bank offering a wide array of financial services to corporate, institutional, and private clients nationwide. HFP was in major need of an update to the website. The old site was outdated, and the company needed a digital presence that reflected the success and level of expertise that was so evident when you walked into their physical space. To do this we updated the overall design style of the site to remain within the current branding, while focusing on the idea of professionalism and highlighting key messaging. The site utilizes large imagery, as well as a large amount of white space to really highlight the relevant content. The navigation makes it easy for a user to find the content they are looking for.

Be sure to check out the site at www.hfpcm.com.

Design and development by verbal+visual Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory, Sales & Trading, Private Client Services

HFP Capital Markets Media Page


Verbal Plus Visual

  • todd spenla

    Looks like a great site, although it lacks the bio’s of the management team and executive officers.

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