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By Alyssa Kaplan • February 27, 2015

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending General Assembly’s “Digital Marketing for Business Growth” workshop, taught by Shannon Chirone. It was great to be back in school for the day, and I left with a wealth of new knowledge to impart onto both Verbal+Visual and our clients.


Here are a few pieces of advice I found to be particularly enlightening:


  1. Find your voice

Having previously worked in Publishing, no one had to convince me of how important it is to create quality content. But what I definitely overlooked was the decision of whom should be the voice behind that content. Whether you’re a big corporation hoping to share the wisdom of your CEO through social media, or a fun startup providing a behind the scenes look at your company’s culture, make sure to nail down the voice behind the keyboard before you start posting.


  1. Get heady with your target audience

We all know how to nail down a target audience with factors like age, gender, location, etc., but I was reminded that there are many elements outside of simple demographic groups that can affect to whom your ads speak: the psychologic factors. Education, religious views, political leanings, sexual orientation, and many more can have a huge impact on your target audience, and are definitely worth taking into consideration. It’s key to remember that your audience isn’t everyone, and the more you narrow it down (especially when first building your brand) the further your targeted ad dollars will go.


  1. Set Tangible Goals

Just because your tweets aren’t going into a library book, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have clear, reachable goals. Start by determining why you’re employing social marketing before you start posting. Most like you’re trying to:

  • Gain more clients
  • Keep your existing clients coming back
  • Add emails to your  mailing list
  • Brand your company


Start with one goal, and one means of trying to attain it. Experiment with Twitter engagement for brand recognition one week, and quality YouTube videos for gaining new followers the next. By setting a specific course for success you’ll be able to measure progress and achievement in a way that allows you to evaluate your individual actions.

A huge thanks to Shannon Chirone and everyone at General Assembly’s NYC office for an awesome day. Check out lots more tips and tricks in the full presentation deck!


**Please note that much of the information in this presentation has been adapted from Shannon Chirone’s workshop. To contact Shannon please email:

Alyssa Kaplan

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