Accessible Health: NYC’s Liquiteria

By Alyssa Kaplan • October 23, 2014



What is Liquiteria

Liquiteria is New York City’s self-proclaimed “original cold press juice”, with five locations throughout downtown NYC.


Why We Love Liquiteria

You have to admire Liquiteria for being so far ahead of the pack.  Sure, these days you can’t walk 5 blocks without bumping into someone pushing kale, but when founder Doug Green opened the first location in 1996 the health-food landscape looked very different. Let’s take a look at Liquiteria’s key competitors in NYC:

Juice Generation, opened their first store in 1999

Elixir Juice Bar, opened their first store in 1999

Organic Avenue, opened their first store in 2006 (established in 2000)

Juice Press, opened their first store in 2008

BluePrint, started selling to major retailers in 2012 (established 2000)

Creative Juice, NYC Restauranteur Danny Meyer debuted his juices in Equinox Fitness clubs in 2012

Here at V+V we know how important it is to be ahead of the curve, so naturally we love a company that helped spark such a major trend.

Liquiteria in a Nutshell

Doug Green opened up the first Liquiteria in New York City’s East Village in 1996, where it stayed put until the company was bought by a private group of investors in 2012. In just two years, three new Liquiteria locations have sprung up in Union Square West, Union Square East, and Chelsea, with a fourth set to open in the West Village this fall.


Secret to Success

Brian Schoenberger, Green’s former co-owner, said in a 2012 interview: “We’re the original and the best…When you grow, the last thing you want is to dilute the brand. We believe in our product, and we have the team and infrastructure together now to really grow.”

Therein lies the key to Liquiteria’s success: integrity. By spending the past 18 years making their product the best it could possibly be, they’ve managed to stay alive amidst their larger competitors.

The other thing that’s carried Liquiteria through the last 18 years is their immense lack of pretension. Just check out their mission statement:

“Liquiteria is about inclusion- we welcome everyone. We believe balance and not extremism is the key to reaching your full potential. No matter your current lifestyle, our mission is simply to inspire you to live a life filled with health and vitality.”

So many juice bars make you feel like you need a yoga mat and vegan diet just to walk through the doors, but Liquiteria works hard to steer clear of that stereotype. The interior is inviting, the employees are friendly and helpful, and the drinks have names that sound more fun than scary. Additionally, they’ve recently expanded their menu to include fruit and vegetable smoothies, quinoa bowls, acai bowls, grab-and-go salads, sandwiches, soups, customized oatmeal, popsicles, breakfast items, and baked goods. Now there’s something for everyone no matter what their health goals are.


Current Digital Presence

The Liquiteria website is fairly straightforward, and does a few things especially well:

+ The site is consistently branded within the product designs, which really ties together Liquiteria’s image. The logo, photos, etc. all evoke the same welcoming feeling that one experiences upon entering the store.

+ The section on cleanses is chock full of information that’s often omitted by other companies. They break down why you should cleanse, how to prepare, what to do during, and how to handle the experience. There’s a FAQ section and description of each cleanse level offered. There’s even a form to contact one of their Cleanse Coaches who can walk you through the process before you commit. By providing so much information they take away much of the pretension associated with juice cleanses and lessen the potential cleanser’s anxiety. And considering that you’re about to drink nothing but juice for 3-5 days, you shouldn’t have to jump over any additional hurdles to do so.

+ Have a question about the Liquiteria menu? Their website is the place to go. They list nutritional benefits of each individual smoothie, break down the ingredients in the juices, and give you details on what the boosters can do for your body. Again, they’re making the health accessible and easy to understand, which keeps their customers coming back time and time again.

One Step Further

The Liquiteria site is good, but there is a lot of room to enhance their digital presence. Here are some ideas:

+ Liquiteria currently maintains a respectable presence on social media, with 9.5K Facebook followers, 9.1K on Instagram, and 5.7K on Twitter. But, what their brand lacks, and is clearly screaming out for, is a Pinterest account! So often companies forget about Pinterest, discounting it as just a place for girls to plan their weddings, but statistics tell a different story. Pinterest can be an incredible place to plaster your brand by sharing recipes, wellness tips, etc. in line with your company’s philosophy. While you drink your Liquiteria smoothie, hop online to see what workout tips they have today. While you eat your acai bowl, take one of their dinner recipes and pin it for tomorrow night. The possibilities are endless, and it could help gain brand recognition outside of NYC, which will come in handy should Liquiteria ever decide to expand off the island of Manhattan.

+ The site does a great job with its written content, but lacks in its use of photography. Liquiteria uses hundreds of pounds of fresh produce on a daily basis, turning it into colorful products just begging to be photographed. It’s said that we eat with our eyes before our stomach, so what better way to draw in customers than with some incredible food photography.

+ For a health food company, Liquiteria’s website leaves out one major piece of information: nutritional information. Despite the laundry list of ingredients available, there are no calorie counts, fat grams, sugar quantities, etc. available for consideration. By omitting these, Liquiteria loses all of the health-conscious customers who count calories on a daily basis, and are turned off by a company not providing this information.

+ If the popularity of websites like Buzzfeed has taught us anything, it’s that people love a good quiz. No, I’m not suggesting that Liquiteria put a “What Disney Princess Are You?” quiz on their website, but rather a quiz-or set of quizzes- to figure out which juice or smoothie is right for you. The general idea of “juicing” can seem frivolous, but that changes when personalized benefits are laid out in front of you- it feels more practical.


In Closing

With its fifth location about to open, this is a really exciting time for Liquiteria. The brand is flourishing amidst its recent expansions, and could go even further by enhancing its digital presence.

Here are Verbal+Visual we’re lucky enough to have two Liquiteria shops nearby, so if we don’t answer the phone, you know where to find us.

Alyssa Kaplan

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